Donald Trump and Kayne West are known for their narcissistic traits. It's easy and sometimes funny to read about them in a magazine, but what is it like to grow up with a narcissist or have a partner that has narcissistic personality disorder? Those people are not very likely to go and seek therapy - so it's the people around them who suffer, often tremendously.

In this online course we will go into detail about different types of narcissism, we will shine a light on the public vs the private face of a narcissist, and about the underlying neuroscience of narcissists. We will also explore what is it like for the child to grow up with a narcissistic caregiver, and the consequences and impacts that may still be evident once they are adults.

This course is presented by...

Dr Sophie Reid and Jace Cannon-Brookes, Co-Directors of the Birchtree Centre of Excellence.

Sophie and Jace realised many years ago that there was a severe lack of understanding about the negative consequences of growing up with a narcissistic caregiver, not only within the general population, but also among clinicians.

After working with many clients who came to realise the impact of their narcissistic caregiver, and researching this field widely, Jace and Sophie created workshops on the impact of narcissism for both clients and clinicians, and these have been running annually at the Birchtree Centre ever since.

“Narcissism is the only sickness for which everyone,

but the patient is treated…”

Julie L Hall

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