This engaging two-hour session will demystify the legal process and help you understand and navigate the system – for you and your clients. Learn about your rights and responsibilities and feel confident and prepared in the event of you or a client being called before the Family Law court.

Explore commonly asked questions including:

Domestic Violence Order, Intervention Order, Restraining Order, Protection Order and Family Violence Order - what’s the difference and what do they mean?

What happens if I’m subpoenaed? Can I resist a subpoena?

What about client confidentiality? Can I withhold information?

How do I manage my client’s ex-partner's lawyers

What do the courts look at when making parenting arrangements

Upon what grounds will a judge decide that my client's mental health status affects their parenting?

What protects me in terms of the notes that I write - and what notes or comments will adversely affect my client

In what ways can I get into in trouble – and what types of trouble could I get into?

Join an informative online workshop with family law experts, Monique Robb and Skye Owen from Lander & Rogers providing clear and pragmatic advice specifically relevant to mental health clinicians and allied professionals.

Mental health professionals will be armed with an understanding of the legal process to better support clients and avoid causing any unintentional harm or distress.

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